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Diego’s Reflection on Flickr.

San Francisco, CA

Diego sat at the table next to me, and introduced himself by giving me a poem he had written. The poem was his expression of love for his wife, and also, his sorrow of her passing; they had been married for 36 years.

Spending most of his nights alone in their apartment, he just wanted to talk; sharing his expression through poetry was how he connected with new people. At the age of 40, he had married late in life, having immigrated to the US at 18 from Italy. He worked through most of his twenties acquiring citizenship, and then, his thirties working toward financial stability for his family. His wife was American.

The poem is as follows:

Reflection, by Diego Deleo

From day one I needed someone
The same for everyone:

The need extends throughout our lives
to fill the void, I with loving wife
completed that which itself is depleted

When loved ones leave us early
the love we lose can cost us dearly

To help, love each other was our goal
Her sweet image remains in my soul
Time of youth too brief
seems too long when we grieve

Our ancestors stars do not care
how we deal with our affairs
Looking at the sky to soothe our hurt
The sky embracing earth

I’m optimistic for my tomorrow
To ward away unwanted sorrow
I take my dream to bed tonight
Inside I find the brightest light:

Though the world gets small and dark
I’m with my love at Stony Park

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